About green week conference 2012

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Next year is gearing up to be a important one for environmental policy. In addition to the annual Green Week Conference 2012, the Earth Summit 2012 conference is going to be held in Rio de Janeiro from June 4th to 6th, the 20th anniversary of the UN conference on Envirnment and Development which took place in 1992. Because of this anniversary, the 2012 conference is being called Rio+20.

Expected at Earth Summit 2012 in Brazil are many prominent government heads, politicians and the heads of international organizations. Also in attendance will be many members of the media so the goals and achievements of Earth Summit can be made public. As per tradition, the summit aims to provide a platform where leaders from around the world can get together to voice their concerns about the future of our ecosystem and set goals for preservation. Some of the objectives and themes which will be discussed are securing political commitments, how to assess progress, new and emerging challenges, green economy, and institutional frameworks for sustaining development.

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