Eco friendly products

Several years ago, many consumers happily paid more for a product with a “green” or “eco-friendly” label. With the current economic recession however, fewer consumers are purchasing green products because they are under the conception that it is too expensive to purchase goods which are good to the environment.

In many ways, this conception is very true. Many of the original green products which came out, such as 100% organic unbleached cotton towels, were marketed towards a demographic which found it trendy and chic to “be green.” Whenever a product line becomes trendy, even if it is based on a concept such as preserving the environment, the prices are immediately inflated.

A recent study from GfK Roper Consulting called “Green Gauge Global Report” found that 71 percent of the participants believe that companies should be act responsibly in regards to the environment. However, 66 percent of the same participants thought that eco-friendly products are too expensive. More than half of the participants were in agreement with a statement of “First comes economic security, then we worry about the environmental problems.”

What consumers need to start realizing is that environmental problems are directly related to economic security. It doesn’t have to be more expensive to buy eco-friendly products and making these purchases will actually reduce costs in the long run. There already are a wide range of green products available which won’t break your bank, from cheap organic clothes to gadgets made of recycled materials.

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