Global Warming Prevention

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When we talk about global warming prevention, we need to understand that global warming has already happened. Using the term “prevention” ignores all of the damage which has already been done and the steps which need to fix it. Unfortunately, today’s battle in global warming prevention is mainly one of keeping the problem from getting worse. We can expect the problem of global warming to continuously worsen until we find a way to control our greenhouse emissions. Only once this balanceoccurs will we be able to think about remedying the earth and bringing it back to its former environmental state.

Currently, governments of countries all over the world are making plans about how to cut greenhouse gases. The United States Climate Policy was created to assist citizens in understanding the treats of global warming and the steps which need to be taken for global warming prevention. The policy was divided into these three parts:

  • Decelerating the speed of emissions
  • Furthering the scientific and research developments
  • Improving international cooperation

In one aspect, we need to rely upon government agencies for global warming prevention as not all citizens can be expected to take the appropriate actions on their own. Regulations about emission standards for cars, home energy use, and so forth are incredibly important. Governments also can oversee the big businesses and command them to use alternative energy sources and green business policies.

International adherence to regulations is necessary if global warming prevention is going to succeed. Unless every nation is actively being part of the solution, then global warming prevention will not be possible. International teams of scientists have been formed and are receiving funding to do tests and come up with technologies for global warming prevention. As individuals, we cannot wait until governments or scientists come up with a solution. It is up to us to do what we can as individuals to prevent global warming.

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