Green or alternative energy

There are many incentives for big business to use green or alternative energy. They leap on the massive tax cuts offered and also at the positive press which comes with being eco-friendly. However, governments have done little to encourage green energy use in the private sector. Installing alternative energy sources, such as home wind turbines or solar panels is expensive for many. When governments do offer incentives such as tax refunds for installing alternative energy sources, information about these incentives is often hard to come by.

It is clear that much more needs to be done to encourage consumers to choose green energy for their homes. As the situation now stands, using alternative energy means that consumers will have to pay more for their home electricity bills. However, if there were a large-scale investment in alternative energy sources, then the costs would eventually be reduced to less than current costs of traditional energy. Private citizens shouldn’t be expected to make this decision as many would choose the short-term savings as opposed to investing in green energy. Governments need to raise the awareness of the long-term savings and benefits of alternative energy and make the necessary steps to implementing these sources of green energy.

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