Green week event 2011

2011 marks the 11th annual Green Week Conference . This year, the conference will take place May 24th to 27th in Brussels. The theme for this year’s conference is “Resource Efficiency – Using Less, Living Better.”

In the 40 various presentations and discussions, Green Week will take on the problems in today’s world in regards to diminishing natural resources. Additionally, the conference will tackle the many challenges which scarcity causes and how we may overcome these challenges by promoting green solutions. Green Week 2011 will focus on the positive, hopeful side of the current ecological situation by focusing on strategies for shifting to less carbon usage and efficiently using resources.

Some of the topics of the 2011 Green Week sessions include resource efficiency, tools and tips for better water management, financing eco-innovation, land use choices, turning waste into a resource, and food security. These sessions will be delivered by prominent speakers such as Dr. Bernhard Schleich of Evonik Degussa GmbH, Freek Van Eijk of SITA Northern Europe Waste Services, Dr. Hubert Mandery of CEFIC, Denis Knoops of ERRT, and Pier Carlo Padoan of OECD.
As per tradition, Green Week 2011 will also have a main exhibition. This year, there will be 50 stands from various international organizations and a LIFE area with environmental projects. Side events will include a photo exhibit, seminars, and films, amongst other events.

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